2020 Clinical Study on Type II Diabetics

Hempzorb81™ showed significant results in a clinical study on Type II Diabetics in the following areas:

  • Reduction in A1c
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Homocysteine
  • Girth Reduction

Clinical study specifics were as follows:

150 Patients (100 on Hempzorb81™, 50 Placebo)

Randomized, double-blind

180 day duration

2 dosing group: Group A, final dose 158 mg p/day; Group B, final dose 213 mg p/day

Hempzorb81 Mechanism of Action

The exact mechanism of action of Hempzorb81 seen in this study is not known.  It is well documented that CBD and other cannabinoids (alone or in combination) have little or no effect on the regulation of blood glucose (Jadoon, et al., Diabetes Care, Volume 39, October 2016). Not only were the effects of Hempzorb81 on A1c significant in this study but they repeated what was seen in 2019 where A1c was reduced by Hempzorb81 in healthy patients from 5.2 to 4.7 over a 90 day time period (Chong, 2019). Additional research is being done to look into this unique activity as well as the mechanism of action.

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