Clinical Sleep Study

Hempzorb81™ showed significant results in a 2020 Clinical Study on Sleep in the following areas:

  • Increase in Deep Sleep
  • Decrease in Awake Time
  • Reduction in Anxiety
  • Lowering Resting Heart Rate

Clinical study specifics were as follows:

150 Patients (100 on Hempzorb81™, 50 Placebo)

Randomized, double-blind

90 day duration

2 dosing group: Group A, 158 mg p/day; Group B, 213 mg p/day

Each patient was equipped with a Fitbit Versa 2 monitor.

Measurements of Sleep Patterns and Heart Rate analyzed vs. baseline

54 – minute increase in Deep Sleep over placebo in Hempzorb81™ group
18 – minute decrease in ‘time to sleep’ (time awake) over placebo in Hempzorb81 group
4 – minute decrease in Resting Heart Rate over placebo in Hempzorb81 group
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