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Med 7 LLC and HempCo Inc. announce the publication of the first prospective human clinical trial using a CBD-rich Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil in patients with COVID-19. 

Bluffdale, UT, May 12, 2022 – Med 7, LLC (www.Med, and HempCo, Inc., Lone Tree, CO, announce the completion and publication of the first prospective human clinical study to assess the effects of a CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp oil in patients with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The study used Med 7, a full-spectrum hemp product made with Purzorb® technology, now trademarked as Hempzorb81. “We are extremely fortunate to publish the first prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial with a CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp oil in patients who test positive for COVID,” said Matt Smith, CEO of Med 7. “We were in the initial stages of our study of Med 7 in 150 patients with Type 2 Diabetes, when COVID hit our study population hard.  Rather than discontinuing the study, we decided to keep going to see if Med 7 had any impact on those who tested positive for COVID.  This was in early 2020 when no one knew much about the physiological effects of COVID, so we were not even sure at first what to study other than mortality and hospitalization rates. Since we had seen significantly positive effects of Hempzorb81 on cytokines (inflammatory markers) in a previous safety and efficacy study, we decided to look at those markers again, as well as white blood cell counts, to see what was going on in the immune system,” explained Smith. 

In this study, Med 7 demonstrated a significant effect on reducing cytokines known to cause problems in patients with severe COVID infections. The 44 patients with COVID on Med 7 also demonstrated a significant decrease in white blood cell counts (WBC) compared to the COVID-positive patients on a placebo. “These findings are very relevant since cytokine levels and WBC counts on admission significantly correlate with mortality in COVID patients,” according to David Cooper, MD, PhD, one of the authors of the study.  “There have been two recently published studies on the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids on COVID. These studies are important in looking at the effects of cannabinoids on COVID replication and cellular entry,” continued Cooper. “Both of these previous studies were conducted on human and primate cell lines in laboratories.  This current study is the first randomized prospective study of a CBD-rich product in human subjects with active COVID infection.”  

Paul V. Murray, OMD, Advisory Board member for Med 7® and CEO of HempCo® states, “A major result of this study is the documented finding that the COVID-positive patients on Med 7® had a significant immune response when compared with those on placebo. The statistically significant  results achieved by Med7 using Hempzorb81 made from HempCo’s single plant process supports  the value of a highly bioavailable full plant extract in this first of its kind clinical study.”

None of the patients withdrew from this study and there were no hospitalizations, deaths or reported side effects. “Administration of Hempzorb81 should not be seen as attempting a therapeutic cure. However, with the compelling evidence presented in this study, utilization of Hempzorb81 in protocols similar to the one used in this study offer a useful adjuvant to current proven COVID treatment strategies, including possibly modifying the effects of a patient facing the cytokine storm scenario,” said Derrick DeSilva, Jr. MD, Director of the Med 7 Medical Advisory Board and a co-author of the study. “This also mirrors what I have seen in my own practice with COVID-positive patients using full-spectrum hemp products,” said DeSilva.   

About Med 7 

Med 7® is a technology-driven company that markets and distributes health and wellness products to medical professionals. Hempzorb81 is a full-spectrum hemp product made with Purzorb® technology, which mimics the body’s natural process of absorption by converting oil-based nutrients into water-soluble products.  Hempzorb81 is patent pending for several human health conditions. 

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